French national framework

Developed in 2006, the framework for sustainable regional development projects and local Agenda 21, defines a territorial project of SD such Agenda 21.

It assigns five objectives:

cadre national de référence Agenda 21

  1. Fight against climate change
  1. Preservation of biodiversity, environment and resources
  1. Social cohesion and solidarity between territories and generations
  1. Development of human beings
  1. Development of dynamics following sustainable production and consumption methods

And five principles of method :


principes methodologiques


  1. In 2007, the Ministry of Sustainable Development has set up a request for recognition of Local Agenda 21. Also in 2007, the Ministry and the Federation of Regional Nature Parks adopted a protocol to recognize a charter as a Regional Park Local Agenda 21. In June 2010, 141 local authorities received the recognition "Local Agenda 21".
  1. Since 2011, the Ministry has set up a national “referential” for the evaluation of sustainable regional development projects, which identifies a set of evaluation questions and indicators related to key policy of Agenda 21 local.
  2. The five objectives of the framework of reference have been recognized in legislation by Law “Grenelle 2” of 12 July 2010. They constitute the frame of the SD reports for the biggest local governments (art. 255).



Focus on the label "Agenda 21 local"

logo agenda 21 local

In 2006, the Ministry decided to create the label "Agenda 21 local". This label rewards efforts carried by local authorities about their sustainable development.

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